A different view Joseph Fogarty

Each year GOMA awards a recent graduate a six month residency to develop a new body of work for solo exhibition. Joseph Fogarty is the successful graduate of 2018. 

A Different View by Josephy Fogarty is a newly developed body of work completed as part of the graduate residency award 2018. 

A Different View

‘ We are not explicitly conscious of our habitual patterns of action ‘ Heidegger

Through our movements we are continuously creating patterns. Our ancestors movements through the landscape are reflected in our network of roadways. Contemporaneously our movements are registered through technology. We can now download and view the ‘ habitual patterns ‘ that we create on our daily journeys.
With this exhibition I am drawing attention to these patterns. I am also questioning the autonomy with which our movements are created or in an other way to what extent our movements are guided and controlled. 

Joseph Fogarty