artist talk | Seiko Hayase

This Talk took place on Saturday 2nd april 2022 at 2pm
Japanese artist Seiko Hayase gave an artist talk about the process of her work and her experience as an immigrant artist in Ireland.

Seiko’s exhibition ‘World in Between’ is currently on show in GOMA Gallery of Modern Art in Waterford.
Born in Japan, Seiko is based in Mallow, Co. Cork since 2018. She lived in Marseille, France after she graduated from Nagoya University of Arts.
Seiko works with painting, sculpture, installation and on collaborative projects, trying to develop her artwork and not be bound to specific materials. At the same time, she also tries to find a socially engaged voice in her artwork.
She is researching hidden emotions, what they are and how they look like, sharing it with her audience to stimulate a response – and in herself too.