GOMA Gardens

Of the people, by the people and for the people GOMA gardens Community and project space.

GOMA is a unique building with a strong community feel and supports. Our mission is not only to provide new and emerging artists with opportunities to present their work which mirrors the work that we are endeavouring to achieve through initiatives, i.e. providing opportunities to new and emerging artists as well as more established artists. This is also a community space. We understand the value of community that otherwise may not have the opportunity to access such a space or resources.

GOMA's unique space along with our gardens are offered up to the community and community projects.

There will be a series of open calls for 2020 and current project usage is with the the South East Makerspace eco-garden bug and environment project, graffiti walls project (dedicated wall for graffiti), outdoor yoga, cultured picnic events, summer barbecues and music events, etc.