Casting Workshop | Seiko Hayase

Saturday 18 November and Saturday 25 November 2023
Casting workshop "Things In Hands" with Seiko Hayase at GOMA Waterford!

This is a fun introduction to alginate casting. Alginate is a quick-setting casting method that allows casts and moulds of the body to be made easily.

This workshop will be guided by multidisciplinary artist Seiko Hayase, and is built around the theme ‘Things and Hands’. Participants will be encouraged to use their imaginations when casting to make reproductions of their own hands and also objects that can be held in the hand.

All materials are provided and no experience is necessary!

The workshops will be held on two Saturdays over two separate weekends: 

Days: Saturday 18th and Saturday 25th November 

Times: 11am–1pm

Locations: GOMA Waterford

Cost: €10 per person 

Max number of participants: 12

Booking link: