Resilience & Empowerment through Collective  Creative Processes


Resilience & Empowerment through Collective & Creative Processes


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Saturday 6th April 2-4pm



Drawing from the main concepts underpinning the current exhibition Burn the Witch, Still I Risecurated by Simon Fennessy Corcoran, this 2 hour participatory workshop explores: 

·        how we embody concerns around body sovereignty and social justice 

·        understanding power as context specific and vulnerable to change

·        how our own vulnerability can be channelled towards solidarity, resilience and empowerment

·        and finally how we might register these powerful shifts in ourselves for the broader benefit of social justice. 

The workshop is facilitated by Eve Olney (Radical Institute) and Sarah Jayne Booth (r.a.g.e.) and employs methods and processes from Joanna Macy’s Active Hope, Ulex Project and Radical Institute