pROject spAce

pROject spAce



15th  – 19th April


Official Project launch at GOMA: Wednesday, 17th February,  6-8pm.


SETU Waterford Visual Art program and GOMA are delighted to collaborate on pROject spAce: Triptychs an experimental exhibition undertaken by third-year students. 

pROject spAce: Triptychs is rooted in the core themes of the adjoining modules key to year three of the program: Research Becoming Object and Object Becoming Art. These sequential and connected learning components serve as guides for the student artists as they navigate the transformative and evolutionary process inherent in artistic practice, progressing from research to the exploration of intimate connections with materials and objects, and ultimately, to the realisation of art. 

The exhibition concept and format revolve around the notion of the triptych, traditionally used to depict narratives across three panels. For this experiment, each student artist presents a triadic composition or installation in the gallery consisting of research, objects, and artworks. This format not only underscores the interconnectedness of research, object, and art but also serves as a platform for reflecting on the themes and methodologies explored in the two modules. 

The exhibition offers an opportunity for playful and insightful explorations of the interplay of the various key states of artistic practice.

Exhibition student artists: David Corish, Artemis Higgins, Elliott Jordan, Caspian Joyce, Vladimir Murphy, Tara Myers, Tanja Novacic, Jamie O’Dea, Axel Antonio Garcia Ramos, Alyssa Walshe