Foil | Helen Farrell

Helen Farrell is a visual artist based in Cork City working primarily within the disciplines of drawing, painting and printmaking. In addition to maintaining a professional studio practice she has been active in many artist run studios and workshop facilities in Cork City.
In 2016 she graduated with a Doctorate in Philosophy from University College Cork.

The working title for the body of work Helen Fallerell is currently working on is Creatura (a thing that is always in the process of undergoing creation). The fundamental basis of Farrells practice is drawing from observation; this provides a starting point and impetus for Farrells paintings that become, through the process of working, increasingly fragmented and ephemeral.

While Farrells prints often manage to retain the image in a recognizable form the mixed media paintings and drawings pass through many stages in the process of making, reflecting Farrells preoccupation with the multiple dimensions of corporeal life and how to give that experience a palpable presence.