21 February - 20 March 2020

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Encaustic Workshop | Ger Kennedy

21 October 2023
Ger Kennedy is a Tramore based painter and printmaker. She studied fine art in the UK and Ireland, and has had several group shows and a solo show. Her work is in collections in Europe, Australia and America.
Encaustic workshop: 
Saturday 21st October 2023
GOMA Gallery, 6 Lombard Street Waterford
€80 pp
Materials provided, refreshments provided
No experience required 
In this workshop you will learn a little about encaustic painting. This is a method of painting using a hot wax medium to which coloured pigments may be added, if required. The molten medium will be applied to a rigid surface, most often a wood panel. Encaustic is a stable and long lasting medium. 
Participants are encouraged to bring scraps of text/ images etc to embed into their paintings. The best scraps to work with are photocopied images. Tissue paper can also be added as well as gold leaf. 
You will incise images into encaustic and add colour to the incisions. 
The workshop will be led by artist Ger Kennedy, who will supply all materials with the exception of gold leaf. Please bring images/text that mean something to you. 
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