GOMA Policies

Exhibition Policy

GOMA has approx. 8-9 exhibitions per year, with a programme of professional development workshops, networking events, community events, residency’s, emerging artist awards, performance events, music events. GOMA’s outreach programme is cognizant, working inclusively when organising such initiatives, taking local groups, new communities, young people and diversity into consideration.

GOMA exhibits the work of recent graduates, emerging and established artists who are committed to producing work within a socio political framework. Work exhibited is selected on merit only. Commercial consideration with regards to sales is not to be a factor in deciding an exhibition at GOMA.

The education and outreach programme reflects the organisations interests with place, politics and people through a programme of events, workshops, exhibitions, talks and performances that allow audiences to engage.

The gallery is programmed 12-18 months in advance. Selection is made by curators and the panel of Directors. Exhibitions are sought through curatorial invites and a submission process.

Submission Procedures

Submissions for exhibitions at GOMA Gallery of Modern Art are always welcome.
The submissions panel decides on future exhibitions quarterly for submitted proposals. All submitted proposals should be through email for administration and transparency purposes. Emailed applications to gomawaterford@gmail.com unless otherwise stated through an advert. Hard copy applications will be accepted on request in exceptional circumstances.

When submitting a proposal for an exhibition please include the following: 

  • A minimum of six examples of work in jpeg form for email applicants.
  • A submission proposal detailing your aims and objectives. 
  • Artistic C.V., an artist statement and biography. 

Please feel free to call into the gallery at any time to assess the space etc. If you need further clarification or any information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or arrange a meeting. Gallery floor plans are available on request. 

In the event of an artist not being sucessful in a proposal we will provide feedback to the artist on request. 

Artists who have previously exhibited with us  (solo exhibition) con not be considered for another solo exhibition for at least 5 years.

Exhibition Services and Rate of Pay

In acordance with the Arts Councils policy on artist pay we ensure all artist exhibiting receive a pay. Payment is done on a contract basis where Artists are responsible for their own tax.

  • Exhibiting artists (solo) receive an artists fee of €500. This differs for group shows so please enquire with the gallery.
  • In addition to the artists fee we provide a technician for install. 
  • Transport of work too and from the Gallery, van provided with an art handler/driver. 
  • We provide lunch for artists travelling and acomodation where nessecary for install days (up to two nights).
  • Invite, design work, wall vynal, complling marketing material and communications, invites   and postage are covered by the Gallery. GOMA will liase with the artists on final marketing material. Press Releases are sent 3 months, 1 month and 2 weeks before exhibition date to various Magazines and Newspapers. 
  • Guest speaker travel allowance up to €150 is allocated.
  • Opening reception is cover including a wine reception. 
  • If the artist hosts a talk or worksop which is required as part of inclusion, oureach and engagment programme tailored towards diverse communities an additional fee of €150 is paid to the artist.
  • The gallery takes 20% comission on sales of work.