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21 February - 20 March 2020
Currently the work of Waterford-based artist Joseph Fogarty is based on the suggestion by Heidegger that the possibilities that we project have to be drawn from the past as a heritage.

We inherit past traditions that are shared with others, and we then pursue future possibilities to define our individuality. As a means of exploring this idea of the past being with us and influencing our future, the artist uses both traditional and contemporary materials (wood, aluminium, stainless steel) found or appropriated from the built environment. Oak, cherry, and pine are representative of a link to the past and also convey a sense of the temporal. Juxtaposing the modern materials of aluminium and stainless steel resonates with the endeavour to change and develop whilst being inextricably bound to the traditions of the past.

My work is an ongoing interrogation of the cognitive processes, involving the physical and the visual, through which we construct meaning. I am interested in exploring the idea that the viewers experience of the object is determined by their physical relationship to it, and subsequently how the bodily experience influences the perceptual experience, and how both symbiotically enhance the viewer/object relationship. In particular my investigations centre on the experience generated by this relationship within a three-dimensional structure; the way the viewer can become the ‘activation ‘ that allows mediation between the physical and the visual. Enabling the viewer to move within and around a three-dimensional structure facilitates this exploration of the physiological process by which we become aware of our presence in relation to the object. Through my research into art movements of the 1960s and 70s I am influenced by Minimalism and Conceptualism. In particular the artist Robert Morris and his association with Gestalt theory, also his idea of the viewer occupying the same space as well as forming a relationship with the work.

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